FAQ about NEW Central Torquay

When are you opening at Union Street?

We will open on Friday 15th April 2022.

How many screens will the new cinema have?

The first phase of the new cinema will open with 3 screens. More screens and a new restuarant will be completed in the coming months. 

I have a Gift Card or voucher that I still have from the old cinema at Abbey Road, will I be able to use this at the new cinema at Union Street?

Yes! You can use these at the new Union Street cinema, or any other Merlin Cinema.

Can I buy a Gift Card while you're in the middle of the relocation from Abbey Road to Union Street?

Yes you can. 

My card has already expired will it be extended?

No, only those who’s cards are active on the 16th March 2022 will be credited with automatic extensions.

Will you be refunding me the cost of the card during the time it is not useable?

We are ensuring all cardholders are compensated for the lost time while we are closed, we will be issuing automatic extensions.

Can I use my card at other cinemas?

You can always use your Movie Magic card at any Merlin Cinema, this is not affected during our relocation from Abbey Road to Union Street and you will still be gifted the extension.

I have lost my card but I book online, will my account still be extended?

Yes! As long as your account is in date on the 16th March it will be included in our automatic extensions. You can continue to book online with your online account, or buy a replacement card when we reopen so you can benefit from your discount on bar drinks, too.

What happens if I buy a new Movie Magic Card before the new Union Street cinema opens, will I still get extra time?

Yes, you will be included in the automatic extension process. 

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